Posted on 17 April 2020 in dev • Tagged with python, js

I have a few books that I've scanned along the years and times to times, somebody shares a PDF made of images of text.

If we want to do something with the text (edit, copy/paste, and so on), either we painfully rewrite it or we can use OCR. I'm …

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Cursed adventure

Posted on 27 March 2020 in dev • Tagged with python, gamebook

curses is a python wrapper around the [n|p]curses library, a GUI for linux. I love that library.

When I started college, the programming languages I was taught were C/C++, Cobol and Java. Java had the reputation to be the language to use if you wanted to create …

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Posted on 25 November 2019 in dev • Tagged with chrome, js

I read quite a lot of notebooks and html files (outputs of notebooks) on Github. An issue I often encountered was that depending on the file size (bigger than > 1Mb) Github couldn't sometimes display them.

There is a trick to overcome that, you have to use a specific website to …

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Posted on 04 October 2019 in dev • Tagged with js

You might have noticed the fortune quotes on the top of the page. I wanted something a bit dynamic on the blog with interesting quotes but with the possibility to display equations. Fortune was born!

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Japan Post Tracking

Posted on 22 September 2019 in dev • Tagged with chrome, js

I wanted to be able in one click to check status of parcels on Japan Post. I scratched my own itch by developing a Chrome extension.

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